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3 tools to protect your business from bankruptcy

While it is true that COVID 19 or Coronavirus, it produced a reengineering in the business sector, which led us to try to protect our business from bankruptcy.

If you own a business and/or business, you probably face the situation of thinking that your company is in danger of bankruptcy, or having to migrate everything to the cloud and take care of your company’s database and cyberattack information.
Surely you have that internal dialogue where you wonder, will my employees do the work from home? Do you have the right tools to do remote work?


A building may be suitable for training, induction, formality and renown, but what if your building burns up today? What should worry you is not the building but that backup and emergency plan that you have to keep producing even without the building.

Work mustn’t stop!

It’s time to shut up those voices in their minds, times change, technology is advancing and it’s getting easier to work, so stop it!

We’ve created this article for you to learn about a number of tools available to create an emergency plan that will prevent your business from going bankrupt:

  • Microsoft 365: Of the 100% of the world’s population, probably the big part know that it is Microsoft 365 Who didn’t use Microsoft Word to write reports? Who didn’t make power point presentations? Who didn’t do an inventory in Excel?

Microsoft 365 is an intelligent solution that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, integrates Productivity, Advanced Security, and Device Management, and reads provides a secure work environment that will allow your business to move forward and grow.

By purchasing Microsoft 365, you not only get the tools of office 365, you also enjoy:

– Microsoft teams

– Sharepoint

– Onedrive

– Exchange

Your employees need the tools Microsoft 365 offers to keep your business running!
  • Dynamics 365: This miracle tool will help you manage your business with ease by integrating a suite of applications such as machine learning, business intelligence analytics, e-commerce and more.

All to help you automate your business operations in terms of sales, finance, marketing and field service.

With Dynamics 365 you can easily and safely migrate your corporate activities to the online world, this is what we call: Pandemic-proof digital transformation!

  • Azure: Provides multi-layered security provided across data centers, infrastructure, and operations, with cybersecurity experts actively monitoring them to protect your business’s resources and data.

It allows you to transform your business and applications with a full set of cognitive services that incorporates into your applications, websites and bots, intelligent algorithms that allow you to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret those of your user’s needs.

In the cloud your company is safe! Get the Utility You Need From the Cloud

The pandemic hit us hard, but you can prepare for the future by migrating everything to the cloud and equipping yourself with an emergency plan to fight bankruptcy… you’ll be ready!

Interested in any of the tools explained in this post?

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