Productivity: 4 Microsoft 365 tools for your business


More and more companies are using technology to strengthen their productivity.

Implement tools for remote work and data storage in the cloud, among other technological virtues; are guiding companies on the path of innovation and constant productivity, like never before!

When an organization equips its workers with tools that foster a technological culture, the team feels more committed to productivity.

A perfect example of tools implemented in this current global landscape, in the business and educational sphere; is Microsoft 365.

This toolkit not only brings together Office 365 apps, but also unifies smart cloud services and advanced security.

Here are the 4 Microsoft 365 tools to help you exploit your business productivity:

  • One drive: it’s a storage tool for storing important information in a safer place… the cloud!

Through Microsoft 365, the user receives 1 TB of storage where workers can save their files, documents, images, videos, photos and more.

This cloud solution avoids the headaches associated with storing the most valuable information on an external storage disk that can be damaged at any time.

  • SharePoint: Helps organizations create, share, and manage content, power teamwork, and let you quickly find insights and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, partners, and customers.
  • Teams: this powerful tool is indispensable for telework, with it you can organize online meetings and video calls for up to 10,000 people.

Gather all of your team’s apps, files, meetings, and chats so you can easily communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

You can share the screen, record the meeting and collaborate with the different tools you receive with Microsoft 365.

  • Exchange: If you want to configure corporate mail, where you can include your company’s domain name, for example (… SharePoint is for you!

In addition to your own domain, it has mail hosting with a 50 gb mailbox that you can use on mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and the web.

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