Do you Read the Privacy Policy of the Website You Visit?

Do you Read the Privacy Policy of the Website You Visit?

Your privacy on the Internet is up to you. Since it depends on how much you can control the amount of personal information you provide online, as well as who access it. Every privacy policy must clearly explain which data the website gathers, how it is used, shared, secured and how you can modify or eliminate it.

If there is not any privacy policy information, the best thing to do is to avoid continuing surfing such a website. Another option is searching for your name on the Internet using at least two internet search engines:

  • Seek for text and images.
  • And if you find sensitive information about you on a web page, look for the email address of the website responsible people and send them an information removal request.

Website Privacy Policy. What Happens if There Is Not One?

Each country has specific laws that oblige to inform the users about how their personal data are handled and used, online and offline. Hence, for making it possible it is necessary a privacy policy statement.

You might be wondering if your website also needs it. And the answer is yes:

  • Even though if you only monitor your website statistics with Google Analytics, or if you use Google AdSense, you must have a privacy policy info.

And what happens if you do not have one?

You are risking expensive fines, more likely than what you think, and many services just as Google AdSense control that all the online sites have their own policy about privacy. Thus, if you don’t meet these requirements, Google blocks your account if there is no info letting the users know about how any data would be used for.

Generate a Privacy Policy

You must generate a privacy policy document for each one of your websites, in which you must ensure that you have inserted every service used on it that requires gathering the user data. Remember that for personal data is intended to be the following information:

  • Name, Surname.
  • Email address.
  • And even a simple Cookie like the one used by Google Analytics.

What Must a Privacy Policy for Website Contain?

The privacy terms must inform the users about the data privacy and how it is being managed. For instance, if you gather any kind of user information through the following ways:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Cookies.
  • User identity.

It also must include:

  • The contact information of the privacy agreement responsible person. That is the owner of the website or internet applications.
  • The third parties that will have access to such data. For example, Google or others.
  • And the purpose for which those data are gathered and used for. It might be for statistical analysis, advertisement, newsletter email and so on.
  • The user rights.

Stay tuned for more updates on Intelligent System Solutions about our posts regarding how you can protect your data online.

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