The Top 7 Marketing Online Trends

The Top 7 Marketing Online Trends

The Marketing Online is definitely complex and unsteady. But at the same time, it’s exciting for whoever works in this area and is always searching for more updated trends. Each year it’s released new hardware, software, enterprises, hence, the user’s preferences are always changing. So each company has to adapt to the Top 7 Marketing Online Trends to open up to new markets and to strengthen its commercial presence.

This year seems to be a great one for the Marketing Online. The forecasts tend to see in these 7 facts the appealing hits to get more clients and users.

1. The Video Post

The video post will begin to take over, with the always growing Social Channels Online as YouTube. The Advertising Platforms such as Facebook and Bing already offer their own options to insert videos.

The year of 2016 is intended to diverse innovations. As for Google, it will grow strong in the publicity video area by:

  • Gathering the user’s tendencies who are more prone to view and click the video posts.

With the ownership of YouTube by Google, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

2. App Indexing

It will bring an explosion of applications. During this year it’s growing the number of entrepreneurs that see the advantages of having a Personal App. Therefore, they search for an application intended to get more indexing.

A Mobile Website which is optimized, in fact, can:

  • Make miracles and,
  • Lead the business of each company to the top.

3. The Mobile Exceeds the Desktop

The year 2015 has represented a big success for the Mobile regarding the Desktop. But currently, it will bring a definite overtaking of Mobile Connections in comparison with the PC.

That’s why Google has released a new algorithm named “Mobilegeddon”. During the next months, it will cut gradually the sites non-optimized for the mobile devices.

4. The Digital Assistants

It will be a new type of optimization. It refers to an improvement of the SEO (Search Engine Online) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Nowadays it represents the two most searched strategies to:

  • Increase the visibility of the site by the visitors and new users.

With the expansion of the “digital assistants”, like Siri and Cortana, it will appear brand-new types of optimization so to:

  • Get a bigger presence on the search engine. It will be basic to have a higher number of the Company’s Information to be given to the digital assistant since it will be the indications to provide to whoever makes an online search. The more it is known by Cortana, it will get more visitors in respect with just The Presence on the SEM.

5. The Usage of the Virtual Reality

The use of the virtual reality will make a big jump. Indeed, there are many Virtual Reality Devices. Some are of video games, while others are of more common use (for work or else).

It could be so helpful to integrate the most Popular Social Media Platforms, video channels, and also the direct messages. So that It’d be a way to make Online Publicity.

6. The Wearable Technology

It will get stronger and it will become trendy in a short time. Such Intelligent Wearable Devices, released during the year 2015 and 2016 will be always growing and spreading worldwide.

This will change the typical Marketing Strategies. And it will render more fleeting the border between the Online Marketing and the Real Marketing.

7. The Online Advertising Will Become More Expensive

Following the rules of the economy, with the growth of the requirements, it is obvious that there will be a cost rising.

That may mean an exit from the market of the small companies that won’t be able to bear higher spends. On the contrary part, the big Enterprises currently support it without difficulty.

The risk is that the gap gets bigger, with a market open just to a few. To avoid this deviation, it is necessary investing now with the thought aimed at growing while:

  • The costs are still in a normal range.

So that it will be possible to bear the cost rising, and keeping up to the steps of the bigger Companies.

Time is essential, so:

  • As soon as the project starts, the more time there will be for adapting to the Marketing Changes.

This means that it may be possible to take the most out of the advantages.

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