The Discrepancies of the Online Marketing Strategie

The Discrepancies of the Online Marketing Strategie

Some marketers feel frustrated because their online marketing strategies don’t work out as they were expecting. As it seems, it’s a complete failure. Here it comes the question: why are there many Companies with a strategy that isn’t efficient in the results? We should be aware of how important it is to have an online website and using the inbound marketing to have success.

There are certain common features among the Enterprises which state that they’re failing on the web. Often, for instance, their marketing techniques are not much a failure. Yet, it’s not even clear for the Company itself what the smart goals are to reach:

  • The key of what an online strategy of an Organization needs.

It is about a deep organization and a new marketing plan, that should be part of the smart goals.

The Existence of the Marketing Strategy

The real failure problem of the online strategic marketing is:

  • The lack of the proper strategy And the statistics are the proof of it.

Some companies have a bad marketing and hence, it doesn’t work out. While others don’t even have marketing ethics.

And do you know why this happens?

Because in most of the cases, there isn’t even a real and good digital marketing strategy. In return, it’s used the internet marketing tools in an independent way and being completely disconnected with each other. For example, in the usage of the:

  • Blog sites.
  • Social media, and
  • Marketing email.

What Happens with the Discrepancies?

When you analyze properly the marketing failures of the Companies, and visit their websites and Facebook page, you realize the following mistakes:

  • The blog is not gathering useful information for the potential client of the Enterprise. Instead, it is more like a personal diary in which is listed all the events where the Organization participates. There is nothing more annoying than that for someone interested in your products or services who would like to know all their features and possible usages.
  • On the Social Media, there’s a plain communication. It’s posted just some images of the events and links to other blogs of the field. But there aren’t shares, are few “I like” and no comments.
  • The mail marketing is about sending some email campaign to all the contacts in the Company database, without any personalization and not even making a previous classification. Probably the spam email has an open email rate which is almost greater than what it is. Maybe on the emails sent, there are the guidelines for an efficient email marketing campaign such as:
  1. Any object catching the attention.
  2. Persuasive content writing and,
  3. The link that redirects to the Company site to promote their offer.

Yet there’s lacking a marketing software allowing to control the following aspects:

  • How many persons have opened the emails?
  • How many of them have clicked on it? and
  • How many visitors continued with the navigation inside the company website?

That’s the reason why the marketing results are not as they should be.

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