The Security Problems of the Cloud Computing

The Security Problems of the Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is flexible, cheap, and has been designed for providing services throughout the Internet. These services and the company data are entrusted to third parties. Hence, the security and privacy are exposed to a certain higher risk level. In fact, the cloud hosting leverages diverse technologies but also inherits the vulnerability.

The nature of the Cloud involves a problem in itself, because when sharing resources, you will be also sharing risks, data and, apps, which may get and distribute the vulnerability, web security problems and, setting issues, that may undermine all the structure and cause a total damage, or even worst, the data loss.

Three Types of Macro-Areas

The threats for the cloud storage are many, if we classify them generally in three macro-areas, it will help us understand them better, among these are the following:

  • The cyber hacking.
  • The malicious software.
  • The cloud account hijacking and the pitfalls deriving from it.

These macro-areas are interpreted in a diverse manner as per the types of cloud, for instance:

  • A data center has different problems than the ones of the final client needing procedures and policies which guarantee the reliability and security.

Each macro-area is contextualized in the cloud environment depending on the usage of the:

  • Platform as a service (PaaS).
  • Software as a service (SaaS).
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Each one of them with their own peculiarities is a participating element in the cloud computing scenarios.

Why Do You Need to Know the IT threats?

Knowing the computer security threats and counteracting them allow the cloud development and its growing.

It helps the users to protect the computer system. Because it’s possible to limit each menace with the right company IT security policies and procedures, performed by every employee.

The IT security, in any form, starts from the inner diligence, the good sense of usage by the users and prudence.

Nowadays, many new cyber threats are launched to the web server and web resources. That’s why it’s important that the cloud providers protect the company IT structure, using the latest network security techniques. Moreover, whoever uses the cloud resources must set policies and regulations that guarantee the IT security settings on the cloud. Obviously, Including good practices of usage for the data protection.

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