Revealing the Dangers of the Internet

Revealing the Dangers of the Internet

What is behind a computer hacking? In this edition, we are going to provide our readers a detailed explanation of the most common dynamics of the hackers to attack the systems, revealing the dangers of the internet.

In the era of the informatics wars, people usually refer to the hacker as someone who enters your computer or telephone without you noticing it because of the internet vulnerability. To make this urban legend grow bigger, it contributes the leaks of the photo, password, and data.

As an example of the information leak, there are thousands of compromising pictures about famous people as the attack to the iCloud that happened recently, as well as the data leak on Snapchat, until the infiltration of the passwords of Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of the worldwide social media Facebook).

The Modality of a Network Hacking

It doesn’t exist a standard modality, not even a scheduled procedure. Yet, it is necessary to clarify an important aspect involved in it: The Hacker. It is the person who enters a system without having an explicit authorization, it also may even be composed of more people.

The vulnerability of the computers also plays a key role to be attacked, whether it comes from a programming made wrongly or a human error. Behind any type of network security attacks, there is a series of mechanisms that depends on the cunning and ability of these persons involved in the tech world.

  1. Hacker Attack to Access the Data

To set up an attack to some specific target, which may be a single server or an entire network, it is fundamental to study and monitor, not just the server itself but also the eventual security mechanism related to it (such as, firewall, and so on).

In some other cases, it is necessary to resort to the so-called “Social engineering”. For instance, the attempts of phishing, interactions or identity theft. In this phase, the hacker analysis the following points:

  • Programs in execution on the server to take advantages of the bug.
  • Data traffic from and to the server. To understand all the information in transit. For instance, the password, the private network parameters, eventual firewall and so on.
  • The encryption algorithms, when present, with which the data of the previous point are encrypted.
  • Server access modality.
  • The timing of the eventual auditing personnel.
  • Eventual scanning mechanism or automatic report of unwanted access, if present.
  • Any other useful information. Just like the log file position, authorization of the user group and others.

As per the types of cyber attacks, the study phases can last days, months or even years. Periods in which the hackers must be ready for everything to get their targets. They can even restart again, due to the modifications that the system may have in all its aspects with the passing time.

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