Ransomware. Should I Pay or Not?

Ransomware. Should I Pay or Not?

Ransomware is a problematic threat, pointed out as the menace of the moment. It used to be considered as an attack technique mainly aimed at a big audience. However, the attacks of this Internet Virus is currently targeting the governmental agencies and the private companies. With such waves of activities, the FBI expects a great loss because of the extortions with the Ransomware Locky.

Ransomware is some kind of dangerous and harmful Malware that blocks the access to the data and devices. It asks for a payment service that restores the entrance to the system. Unless the ransom is paid, the data and devices will remain blocked.

Three Principal Forms of Threats

There are two factors on it that the governmental agencies and the private companies must know, especially when it comes to preventing and avoiding the menaces. It exists in three principal forms:

  • Scareware. It consists in the request for a payment based on the threat of a future action. For the moment, the files and the victims of the system will not be damaged or chased after.
  • Lockers. In this case, the screen and the system of the user are blocked, and the attacker threatens that it will continue to be so until the payment for the ransom is done.
  • Crypto-Ransomware. Once the victim’s files are encrypted, the Cyber Scammer offers a Decoding Key, obviously for a monetary value in return. It may have an impact on the local files and on those hosted by a sharing network. The encrypted files that cannot be recovered end up being destructed. This might have devastating effects.

Should I Pay or Not?

For responding efficiently to such Cyber Attack, it is fundamental to acknowledge those forms above mentioned. Once the type is identified, the discussion will be focused on the most difficult decision:


  • Should We Pay or Not?


Unfortunately, there are not right answers nor wrong ones.  The attackers often keep the requests relatively convenient and easy-to-pay for getting the victims take the correct yet hard decision. Then, the Cyber Attackers gather the money quickly and, after that they go on to the next aim.

We may provide the following guidelines:

  • Making the payment is always an option.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that the encrypted file or the usage of the devices and computers will be restored successfully.

What the IT Administrators Should Ask Themselves

It’s also possible that the Cyber Criminals might turn back again with more menaces or requests. Before accepting the terms, the IT Administrators are in front of these questions:

  • Will we get what we pay?
  • Are there absent or present decryption errors that could make possible the decoding without the official key?
  • Are the cyber criminals trustful enough in respect with the reality of the facts?
  • Are there colleagues from other companies who has had success in the recovery of their data and the access to the devices?

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