Ransomware. New Borders for a Cyber Attack

Ransomware. New Borders for a Cyber Attack

There is a harmful Cyber Threat running on the Internet named Ransomware, the Ransom Virus. It may encrypt permanently the Company’s files unless you pay the ransom. It’s a real and threatening Cyber Extortion. On this post, we will explain why it is experiencing a strong growing, and how the enterprises can avoid their own Big Data from being taken as hostages.


The Informatics Security is continually evolving at a great speed to face a tireless amount of virus and attacks to the IT Infrastructure with connotations becoming each time more difficult to understand, decode, and recognize. Among them, there is this Malware that we have previously introduced to you.

The Ransomware Virus Definition

The idea of robbing valuable objects is still intact for then asking a ransom. Nowadays, the informatics criminals use a Malware known as Ransomware, asking for the money or the files:

  • It blackmails the Organizations. Having as a hostage their PCs or data, and requesting a money payment for having it released back again.

As most of the Best Malware, it may even come from:

  • Opening an infected attached file in an email.
  • Clicking on a dodgy pop-up.
  • Visiting a ransomware-infected website.

It puts the companies at risk in one of the following modalities:

  • Blocking the screen of the user.
  • Encrypting the files. In other words, it’s a File Encryption Virus.

The Ransomware Lock-Screen

As the name suggests, this Virus Malware causes the “freezing” of the PC, by:

  • Visualizing a message with a ransom request from the cyber-criminal. It renders the computer unusable until the Computer Malware is removed.  

If this is bothering for the users, it’s possible to overcome it since it’s generally related to a single PC. And it is usually easy to remove.

The Ransomware Cryptography

Instead, the Ransomware Cryptography is rapidly emerging as a real Malicious Malware for the companies due to:

  • The capacity to block the users permanently from their own files and data. And not only on the single PCs but on the entire Company Network.

It consists of using the cryptography for messing the data up until a payment for the release is made. This type of PC Malware has greatly increased lately. In addition to this:

  • The attacks are focused on the SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). Using a Cryptolocker, which is one of the Ransomware’s Shackles more destructive and harmful ever seen.

The Cryptolocker

Since it has been identified in the summer of 2013, it has targeted more millions of computers. Once it is activated on the user’s PC, the Virus Cryptolocker starts a searching on all the folders and drives to which is possible the access from the infected computer, including:

  • Backup Disks on the Company Server Network.

Then, it begins messing the files up by using a Cryptography (a 2048-bit key), which is virtually impossible to decrypt. Thus, the files remain encrypted until the Company pays for the ransom for releasing the Decryption Key. This supposes that the Cyber Hackers provides the key once it’s paid. However, in some cases, it might not be provided.

This loss of intellectual property and the data confidentially may have severe implications.

Protect Yourself from the Ransomware

What can the companies do to protect themselves from these new types of aggressive Malware Bot?

First of all, it’s essential that the Organizations set up the best IT Security practices recommended for protecting the computers from any type of Malware on PC:

  • Be sure that the Antivirus Software is updated with the most recent firmware.
  • Verify that the operative system and the related software patch are up-to-date.
  • Install a Firewall. Whether it is at the logging-in or logging-out of each user on the PC.
  • Educate the students on the Social Engineering Techniques. Mainly when the employees or users are right in front of unknown attaches arriving on the spam folder.

Even so, it is about considerations that don’t offer a total protection from the attack. It’s so easy that some member of the company’s staff clicks unawares on some attach on the email, causing the infection.

It’s also simple for the criminals behind the Ransomware Scam to make small settings to the Malware Code, enabling them to bypass the antivirus or Malware Removal Tool from being revealed, based on a firmware. In short words, this makes the Organizations vulnerable.

Keep in contact with us to get the ultimate IT Solutions that Intelligent System Solutions can provide to protect your:

  • PCs and.
  • The Company server network.

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