What You Need to Know About Phishing and the Online Security

What You Need to Know About Phishing and the Online Security

On the web, the attempts of the hackers to get hold of the user password and credentials are at the order of the day. There are two types of cyber attack in which it is easy for it to happen. The first is called Phishing and, the second one is the malicious virus named Ransomware, currently the most common online attack.

The phishing is one of the several online scams, and it involves the companies that carry out e commerce as well as the consumers. As per recent reports, a 30% of the phishing email sent with the purpose of stealing the personal data on the computer has been clicked and opened, and it is continually growing each year.

Regarding the ransomware virus, the latest computer virus that blocks the system, and it is just only after having paid a ransom that the user would be able to use it again. Indeed, the questions that hide internet scams are mostly the same or at least the most common ones.

Watch Out for the Scam Questions

There is some advertising on the web that promises you to earn money easily, as well as requests of certain kinds of donations right after a natural disaster has happened in any region of the world or, even alarming messages of an email closure.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the risks on the internet. So here we share with you some facts you must know to have everything under control.

When Is the Data at Risk of Being Stolen?

Each day there are generated new attempts of phishing online after an important event has taken place, like for instance:

  • Some natural calamities.
  • A political election.
  • A significant change in the worldwide financial system.

You must also be aware when receiving any e postcard if you don’t know the sender. The best thing to do in this case is:

  • Not trusting, and hence, do not open it.

You would need to control the name of the person and email of who is sending you that. In fact, it is better to visualize a website preview, before clicking on it to download the message.

There can also be another form of phishing attempt under the form of fake job adverts, used to convince whoever is searching for a job to send their own personal information. The same speech is valid for the emails that announce significant lottery awards to who didn’t even know about having participated in it.

Be more aware of the emails you open if you do not know the sender, and do not click on any online ads you see on the web. It is better to prevent things before it is too late.

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