The Malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHO)

The Malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHO)

The Browser Helper Objects (known as BHOs) are additional components of any internet browser, such as tools bar and web plugin. Although, many of such components are useful for the users:

  • For instance, Firefox and Chrome offer the internet users the possibility to integrate the functions of the browser with several helpful plugins.

Yet, some of those elements are useless or infected and, thus, are classified as malicious BHO.

Sometimes, the BHO is even considered as a subcategory of the adware. It includes some browser toolbar such as:

  • Babylon or,
  • FLV Runner.

Both slow down the internet browser, and let the online advertisement be seen while surfing the web. Often, it modifies covertly the browser settings, just as the browser startpage. While others take the name of hi jackers because it hijacks the users into the web page chosen by the developer of those infected BHOs.

Potentially Unwanted Programs

There are others named PUP, which is the English acronym for “Potentially Unwanted Programs” that are installed, generally, as part of other free programs. It consists of:

  • A commercial agreement between the Company that made the free programs and the enterprise that generates the PUP.

In this case, the user is warned, in the moment of the installation, about the setting up of another program (the PUP). Sometimes, the relative notice about the PUP is not clear enough, and thus, the user automatically completes the installation, setting up the desired programs as well as the unwanted one.

Watch Out with the Free Software You Install on your PC

In other occasions, if the user decides to not install the PUP, he loses the possibility to install the free software.

All these malicious BHO tools, often, create a perceptible slowing down of the internet surfing and the crash of the browsers.

How to Remove This Malicious Malware

The users can remove it manually, but most of the time they would need some specific malware removal tool or browser cleaner to get rid of that kind of malware that’s infecting their systems.

Remember that this is one of the many types of malware that can affect your PC. So, next time you will need to install some free software, please be careful of what other hidden programs there might also be installed.

Stay tuned for more updates about the most common malware virus, so that you can be aware of it and do not let it surprise negatively your computer. In Intelligent System Solutions, we care about your security on the web.

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