The Latest Ransomware Virus. The Wanna Decryptor

The Latest Ransomware Virus. The Wanna Decryptor

The Wanna Decryptor has infected thousands of computers worldwide. Among the companies impacted by it are:

  • The German railways, Renault, the British health care system and others.

This virus threatens with canceling all the computer data and takes advantages of a protocol defect to manage the file sharing.

The virus Wannacry started to mess the computers up on May 12th this year. So far, it has infected 200 thousand computers, in 150 countries, stating that the world is facing a growing computer virus threat.

A Big-Dimension Attack

The virus attack has been of a great dimension. A cyber security researcher has stated on Twitter that he has revealed almost 36 thousand cases of the Wannacry ransomware and others like it.

The WCry attack is at levels not seen before and, it requires an international investigation to solve the situation through a cyber crime unit.

What is the Wannacry Virus?

The hacker attack that has impacted on many devices worldwide in 150 countries is the result of:

  • A ransomware virus that has leveraged the non-updated OS computers.

It is also known as Wanna, WCry, Wanna Crypt, Wanna Decryptor, and WannaCrypt0r. It is a ransomware and an extremely dangerous malware that enters the OS and encrypts all the files saved on the hard disk and on eventually any connected USB device.

As per what some IT expert stated on the New York Times newspaper:

  • It is a virus that takes advantages of the IT vulnerability that has been revealed and developed by the NSA security (the National Security Agency), which in the year 2013 has been the hub of an international scandal triggered by Edward Snowden.

These types of malware ask the users to pay in Bitcoins as a ransom if they want to have their documents back again. In the attack of last May 12th, the requested total sum by the hackers was initially of 300 dollars. Then, immediately it went up to 600 dollars.

Who Avoided This Virus Attack Accidentally?

A British young man, hidden by the twitter username account “Malware Tech” has been the one who first faced the situation, by blocking it temporarily. He has bought a domain to which the cryptolocker virus Wannacry redirected the users because in that way he could analyze it better, without knowing that on that domain the cyber terrorists had hidden the switch to turn it off:

  • In the moment that switch had been activated, the virus would’ve stopped.

On the screen of many computers in Spain, Portugal, China, the United States of America, Russia, Great Britain, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Italy appeared a message stating that:

  • The PC has been taken as a hostage with a virus called “ransomware”. And to cancel the malware virus it was necessary to pay a “ransom” in Bitcoins (the equivalent of three hundred dollars).

Who Has Been Affected by it?

It seems that there is a high probability that the affected computers are the ones with non-updated OS. As for instance, Windows XP which is no longer supported by the security patches more than a year ago.

Microsoft has released a security update recently which is linked to the diffusion of this menace. But apparently, many public structures haven’t carried out the update.

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