Do you Know How to Avoid the Spyware Virus?

Do you Know How to Avoid the Spyware Virus?

The Spyware Virus consists of all the online programs that gather information about you without your permission and then it is sent to the societies that use it for statistical purposes or advertisement. Maybe you don’t know it but the Google Toolbar also collects information about your online search, yet it is not considered a spyware because prior to the installation it warns and explains to you what they will do with the user data and to who it will be delivered.

How Does the Computer Spyware Infect the System?

Generally, with the free online programs, or even better, the file sharing programs just as Kazaa and Imesh, and so on. An example of such types that install spyware malware are:

  • Go zilla and,
  • The Codec Divx 5 Pro. Yet, it is not technically a spyware software, because the espionage is accepted by you prior to the installation.
  • The Real Player software is also included in this list.

In the last years, the situation has evolved, and currently, most of the spyware aims at self-installing when you surf non-secured websites, without taking due precautions:

  • The first advice is avoiding to surf those online sites with Internet Explorer.

You should be aware that: There is also a different manner to make the spyware ads appear online. For instance:

  • It looks like an alarming message of the system, then it invites you to click on the “OK” button to repair the problem.
  • And in this case, if you carry it out, you are about to find a series of problems. Since in certain cases it is not easy to remove the spyware. Especially for the inexperienced users.

Spyware Remover. How to Eliminate the Spyware of your PC?

If your computer has already been infected by it, and you need some spyware removal tool, you could use some specific programs for it. Such as:

  • SpyBot Search and Destroy. Which is free while it is of personal usage.
  • Also, Ad Aware.

Yet, you should know that both antispyware programs just remove spyware that is already known.

How Dangerous is the Malware Spyware?

All the major companies that take care of the malware spyware highlight with great attention:

  • The respect of the user privacy.
  • The treatment of the data, and so on.
  • And that their programs are limited to just gathering data for statistical purposes and nothing else.

As per this, do you trust what they state?

In fact, with so much ease, these companies could track an accurate profile of millions of users’ PC, full of personal data, bank account password and so on, ready to be used at the perfect moment.

How is it Possible to Avoid the Spyware Virus?

The advice we give you is:

  • Installing only commercial software versions as well as open source software.
  • The freeware and shareware are also good only if they don’t include that type of online virus, not even adware or similar stuff. Yet, there is no absolute certain about it, hence, you are not 100% sure of avoiding it. Because some scam websites can use different imaginative names for their spyware programs to subsequently state that:

We do not have any spyware malware”.

If you don’t want that virus on your computer, the best thing to do is:

  • Never install free software nor shareware programs. Because you never know whether they have any spyware infection. Not even any other programs of such types that are not open source or commercial.

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