Keep up the Online Protection Against the Malware

Keep up the Online Protection Against the Malware

The malware is more easy to create and diversify than ever. The variants of the malware virus include spyware such as Trojan Win32/Meredrop and the remote access Trojan like the Back Office and Alienspy. The IT administrator must be also aware of the online protection regarding the ransomware (as part of the cyber hacking specifically designed to generate direct entries).

What it is intended with malware virus is any form of code or written programs which are used for malicious purposes. Indeed, the more common types of malware include:

  • Virus, worms, Trojan, spyware, adware, rootkit, rogue virus, keylogger, and much more.

The Cyber Attack Methods

Some other cyber attack methods, just like the ransomware virus, have been made to affect the internet users who are forced to pay a ransom to access their own systems or to recover their data.

There has been an increase of the numbers of issues involving the so-called drive by ransomware, in which the users could infect their own computers with a simple click on a compromising website, often attracted by a false email or some pop up window.

The Key to Prevent the Online Attack

It consists of educating the employees and internet users about the:

  • Types of online threats.
  • Social engineering tactics used.
  • Typical methods employed to trick people.

Therefore, taking into consideration all the technical precaution needs must be a basic requisite, such as:

  • Making regularly the data backup of the files.
  • Assuring periodically that the antivirus software is updated and active. As well as any browser filter and email of the dependent staff are active.

To summarize it, it is about ensuring the computer security against any kind of cyber attack, for which it is necessary to:

  • Use the best antivirus software. An efficient virus remover in the case of a computer virus infection.
  • Adopt several precautions and specified internet protection methods.

The Need to Evolve in this Tech World

In this complex digital world, which is rapidly growing and is highly dynamic, the online threats have a big impact on the company data security. So, the antivirus techniques used against the hackers must likewise change quickly to face the new hacking environment.

The Company data protection, as well as the brand protection, must continually evolve if the IT administrators and company owners want to keep their business safe online. Thus, it must be aligned with the latest cyber security trends.

In Intelligent System Solutions, we encourage the Organizations to protect their most treasured asset: the IP, to counteract any online attack.

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