How to Defend from the Wanna Decryptor Virus?

How to Defend from the Wanna Decryptor Virus?

In these days, the topic that people are talking about on the News, websites, IT expert forums, is:

  • The great recent attack caused by the Wanna Decryptor virus. That’s also known as Wannacry or Wcry, which is part of the virus family included in the Ransomware.

It encrypts all the user files and asks for money for their ransom.

In our previous article titled:

  • The Latest Ransomware Virus. The Wanna Decryptor.

We talk about the basic facts of this ransomware virus that is often diffused through:

  • Email, free download, or some infected website.

This malware ransomware has its own diffusion methodology. But this aspect doesn’t differ much from the common Ransomware attacks.

How to Defend or Limit the Damages?

The first precaution to take is:

  • Installing the latest version of the OS. Possibly along with a good antivirus software which can block eventually attachments from dangerous emails and apps which are not downloaded from the official stores.

It’s necessary to avoid, as much as possible, compromising the spread of this virus on the computers which are still not infected.

The second thing to do is:

  • Installing urgently the latest Microsoft patches, which are files that enable to defend your system from these virus threats.

It is also possible to protect the computer security though the antivirus if it is updated to a recent version (after the date that cryptolocker attack happened, which was on 12th May).

Regarding the electronic devices that were off when the ransomware attacks were released, the recommendation is to:

  • Unplug the computers from the local network before turning them on and, also closing all the applications that are initialized in an automatic way (including the email), prior to connecting to the internet.

How to Proceed Online Then?

You need to follow our advice and surf the web in a secure way:

  • Avoiding any reckless operation online and,
  • Relying on an effective antivirus. Because the ransom virus is continually being updated and becomes more powerful.

It is obvious that if the “Wanna” virus has been designed as such a large impact computer virus spread worldwide, it means that:

  • Behind the Wanna Crypt, there is a network of some expert programmer who can update and empower the virus algorithm in a short time. And hence, overcoming all the blocks that are on the way against the virus.

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