Athena. The Malware Virus Created by the CIA

Athena. The Malware Virus Created by the CIA

As per the information published by Wikileaks, the Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, has developed the Athena virus one month after the launch of Windows 10. People are still shocked by the ransomware WannaCry, and now the IT experts are finding out other discouraging virus threats news: the CIA malware.

As Wikileaks refers to it (the website launched by Julian Assange), the CIA has created a malware to impact Windows 10 OS with the malicious program under the name code: Athena inf. Just one month after Microsoft has launched their recent innovation, the CIA was already working to compromise it.

And to reveal it in these days, it is Wikileaks with a series of documents published on that website, and that should have remained secret until the year 2064.

What Does the Malicious Software Do?

The malicious software would be able to trespass the protection system of Windows and even to trick most of the antivirus.

The function of the malware virus would be:

  • Getting the memorized data on the infected computer and send them to the Central Intelligence Agency. And even much more.

The infected malware software besides compromising the computers that use Windows 10 OS, it also affects many other previous Windows versions.

The files are extremely technical. But the concept at the bottom of it all is simple:

  • It is a malware designed to steal the data from the infected PC and send it to the CIA.

It enables to make many things on the target machine, for instance:

  • Canceling a file or even uploading one.

Thus, it is not difficult to imagine how the Intelligence Service may use Athena to place incriminatory materials on target computers:

  • From compromising and delicate images, to the terrorist propaganda.

The USA Agencies Under Accusation

The news put under accusation, and just in few days, the USA central intelligence. For instance, the Hackers would have used an Exploit to create the cryptolocker Wannacry:

  • It has happened because of the Windows vulnerability, stolen from the NSA (The National Security Agency).

Apparently, the stolen files would have gotten to Shadow Brokers, the allegedly responsible hacker for the ransomware attacks on May 12th. Besides that, they have affirmed with a post on their own blog, of having even more powerful weapons than WannaCry.

Who Has Helped the CIA to Create it?

This malware hasn’t been created only by the CIA. As per the Wikileaks files reveal, a collaborator for the CIA on this project is the American company under the name: Siege Technologies, that work hand-to-hand with the USA government, until the point that the 92% of their employees is authorized to access top secret information.

The last documents posted by Wikileaks are part of the “Vault 7”, a file in which are revealed some of the software tools used by the CIA.

As you could see, the cyber threats may be designed even by the greatest organizations and not just simple hackers.

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