Microsoft Launches Outlook Customer Manager onto the Market

Microsoft Launches Outlook Customer Manager onto the Market

Microsoft has launched Outlook Customer Manager in November last year, announcing it as the new tool for Office 365 to help the Companies manage the relationships with their clients, better known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Keep reading our post in Intelligent System Solutions to discover the advantages of it.

Microsoft Office Work through the Office 365 Suite aims at assisting the small-sized companies to improve their performance. This is why the Microsoft Corporate Office is working on bettering the office 365 platform for introducing not just tools that enhance the productivity and collaboration but also including brand-new services for the enterprise management.

Some time ago Microsoft has launched Bookings an innovate way to planning the appointments with the clients. Now with the Best CRM for Outlook, the rapports with the customers will be managed in a more efficient way.

What is it About?

Since the consumers are a fundamental element for the company’s success, the online software of Outlook Customer Manager lets an enhancement in the rapports with them.

Thanks to this Office 365 Software the companies may organize automatically:

  • Emails.
  • Appointments.
  • Calls.
  • Notes.
  • Files.
  • Activities.
  • Offers and deadlines.

All this can be done directly inside the Outlook email account on a special timeline. It will enable the organizations to receive specific notifications of each deadline which is registered. In addition to this, it will enable to associate the deadlines to some contact, company or activity and listing the operations to be done by:

  • Priority.
  • Grade.
  • Date.
  • Amount.

Thus, with this Client Management Software will be possible to visualize the most important clients and activities in a focused list.

Sharing the News at Anytime

Besides the advantages of the Contact Management Software for Small Business that it involves, the organizations will be enabled to:

  • Share the information. About the clients with the team and,
  • Use the mobile apps. For managing all the info whenever and wherever there’s internet access.

Meaning this is a flexible CRM System.

How Does It Work?

Overall, the Customer Management Software is so simple to use. Once the service is activated, on the background rightwards will appear an icon on the principal page of Outlook Microsoft Office. It is about an email to be clicked that will address the user to the Outlook Customer Manager Page.

What makes this program special is an app targeted entirely to the mobile app. Currently, it is available just for iOS, but it will be open for Android and Windows Phone as well.

The version of this online CRM for the smartphone, just as the desktop version, will let the user visualize the emails, notes, activities and a temporary line containing the conversations kept with another user, as well as, search for the files related to the persons we are interacting online.

It is about the information that’s already present in Office 365 Home but gathered in an intelligent way.

For Whom is it Available?

The CRM Management Software is available for the clients of Office 365 Business Premium (as the first release). Then this new functionality of Windows Microsoft 365 will get to all the customers of Office Business 365.

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