Cloud Computing

Seize the Flexibility of a Personal Cloud Storage

In our previous post, we have explained what the cloud computing is about and how it works. We’ve also taken a glimpse of the different cloud storage services. From that, the next question is brought to light: what if we want more of the cloud benefits? For instance, more control, fewer limitations and, a greater archive space. The answer to this question is the personal Cloud storage. What’s the personal cloud storage? It is the creation of your own [...]

The Cloud Storage Architecture

The cloud storage is classified within the IaaS platform category to provide digital storage as a service. It is like purchasing a disk space online with a service provider contract, and it’s positioned in a public or private data center. Hence, it’s separated from the basic storage. Moreover, this space must be implemented using the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The storage as a service is provided as files, or indirectly through applications on the cloud. The online cloud has its features [...]

Cloud Computing’s Pros and Cons

For those companies that don’t have the time or the capacity for Building a Private Cloud, the solution in a box may represent a valid opportunity. But you have to be careful regarding the functions and costs. The Cloud-in-a-Box It is an interesting concept that deserves a particular attention from the enterprises. It’s about Modular Products, kind of a Building Block. That is based on a Virtualized Hardware provided with functionalities that are alike a cloud, such as: The arrangement of the [...]

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