The Security Problems of the Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is flexible, cheap, and has been designed for providing services throughout the Internet. These services and the company data are entrusted to third parties. Hence, the security and privacy are exposed to a certain higher risk level. In fact, the cloud hosting leverages diverse technologies but also inherits the vulnerability. The nature of the Cloud involves a problem in itself, because when sharing resources, you will be also sharing risks, data and, apps, which may get and [...]

Microsoft Launches Outlook Customer Manager onto the Market

Microsoft has launched Outlook Customer Manager in November last year, announcing it as the new tool for Office 365 to help the Companies manage the relationships with their clients, better known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Keep reading our post in Intelligent System Solutions to discover the advantages of it. Microsoft Office Work through the Office 365 Suite aims at assisting the small-sized companies to improve their performance. This is why the Microsoft Corporate Office is working on bettering the [...]

Malware and the Internal Network Security

Each time some malicious software or malware is evolving in a more sophisticated way. The software and hardware technologies have to adapt by making the efforts to avoid the menaces and attacks to the internal network security. This posting gathers information for the companies to make their IT infrastructure more secure and protected. The malware virus has a big price and impact on the company’s budget due to the related costs. It causes the enterprises to invest more in terms [...]

Do you Want to Get More Clients to Your Website?

There are many ways to get more clients to your website regarding the web marketing strategy. The key here is to make an analysis about the type of client you want to target, in order to address the efforts correctly to make it happen.   Why Are Not All the Clients Ideal for my Strategies? There is a simple analogy to answer this question: If you insist on offering diamonds to whom only thinks literally about how to get more bread to survive, [...]

Ransomware. Should I Pay or Not?

Ransomware is a problematic threat, pointed out as the menace of the moment. It used to be considered as an attack technique mainly aimed at a big audience. However, the attacks of this Internet Virus is currently targeting the governmental agencies and the private companies. With such waves of activities, the FBI expects a great loss because of the extortions with the Ransomware Locky. Ransomware is some kind of dangerous and harmful Malware that blocks the access to the data [...]

Ransomware. New Borders for a Cyber Attack

There is a harmful Cyber Threat running on the Internet named Ransomware, the Ransom Virus. It may encrypt permanently the Company’s files unless you pay the ransom. It’s a real and threatening Cyber Extortion. On this post, we will explain why it is experiencing a strong growing, and how the enterprises can avoid their own Big Data from being taken as hostages.   The Informatics Security is continually evolving at a great speed to face a tireless amount of virus and [...]

The IT Infrastructure Consolidation

The goal of the IT Managers is having a Trustworthy IT Infrastructure that guarantees the: Enterprise Data Security. And that’s also dynamic to adapt as much as possible to the Evolution of the Business IT. For this reason, let’s get to know more about the IT Consolidation, Virtualization and the Privacy of the Information. It’s estimated that more than half the budget aimed at the ICT Area is used for: Managing and resolving the problems related to the existing IT Infrastructure. As for [...]

The Top 7 Marketing Online Trends

The Marketing Online is definitely complex and unsteady. But at the same time, it’s exciting for whoever works in this area and is always searching for more updated trends. Each year it’s released new hardware, software, enterprises, hence, the user’s preferences are always changing. So each company has to adapt to the Top 7 Marketing Online Trends to open up to new markets and to strengthen its commercial presence. This year seems to be a great one for the Marketing [...]

What Does the Cloud Computing Offer?

For instance, when uploading an important file you’re using a Cloud Computing Service. It will get to an Internet Server spot wherein is guaranteed the availability, no matter where you are. It’s a known Outsourcing Practice, so common in the Customer Service Area. IT Outsourcing Trusting in third parties to overcome the lack of specific resources is a known practice. In the same way, The Cloud is the Solution for the absence of a certain software/hardware, by: Hiring a Server Provider. That’s why [...]