Integrate the Content Management System with Social Network

It’s also known as CMS, which is the acronym for “Content Management System”. It is the management app of the web content that enables to: Insert, modify, and make visible the articles, banners, images, and links. Without having to use developer software. We are so used to see a constant IT evolution, as well as on the website, and everything regarding the technology. So, it is easy to imagine that the online sites of nowadays are completely diverse to the first [...]

Seize the Flexibility of a Personal Cloud Storage

In our previous post, we have explained what the cloud computing is about and how it works. We’ve also taken a glimpse of the different cloud storage services. From that, the next question is brought to light: what if we want more of the cloud benefits? For instance, more control, fewer limitations and, a greater archive space. The answer to this question is the personal Cloud storage. What’s the personal cloud storage? It is the creation of your own [...]

The Cloud Storage Architecture

The cloud storage is classified within the IaaS platform category to provide digital storage as a service. It is like purchasing a disk space online with a service provider contract, and it’s positioned in a public or private data center. Hence, it’s separated from the basic storage. Moreover, this space must be implemented using the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The storage as a service is provided as files, or indirectly through applications on the cloud. The online cloud has its features [...]

Android the Most Popular OS Leader Worldwide

Android Google has beaten its number 1 competitor: Windows Microsoft for the first time, as the most popular OS (operating system) worldwide regarding the total usage of the internet access on any kind of devices, such as: Desktop, tablet, laptop and, mobile phones. In March of this current year, Android has generated a total website traffic that represents the 39,37% in comparison with Windows which has the 37,91%. It is the first time that Windows has been dethroned as [...]

The Discrepancies of the Online Marketing Strategie

Some marketers feel frustrated because their online marketing strategies don’t work out as they were expecting. As it seems, it’s a complete failure. Here it comes the question: why are there many Companies with a strategy that isn’t efficient in the results? We should be aware of how important it is to have an online website and using the inbound marketing to have success. There are certain common features among the Enterprises which state that they’re failing on the web. [...]

IT Security. How to Protect the Company Network?

The data protection is always becoming a more important matter for the IT Security of the Company Network. There is always the risk of any cyber attack and computing hacking on the internet to steal any kind of information or make online scams (such as the ransomware attacks). That’s why it’s vital investing on the latest IT security services provided by Intelligent System Solutions with efficient IT software in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Every field of this modern [...]

The Security Problems of the Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is flexible, cheap, and has been designed for providing services throughout the Internet. These services and the company data are entrusted to third parties. Hence, the security and privacy are exposed to a certain higher risk level. In fact, the cloud hosting leverages diverse technologies but also inherits the vulnerability. The nature of the Cloud involves a problem in itself, because when sharing resources, you will be also sharing risks, data and, apps, which may get and [...]

Microsoft Launches Outlook Customer Manager onto the Market

Microsoft has launched Outlook Customer Manager in November last year, announcing it as the new tool for Office 365 to help the Companies manage the relationships with their clients, better known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Keep reading our post in Intelligent System Solutions to discover the advantages of it. Microsoft Office Work through the Office 365 Suite aims at assisting the small-sized companies to improve their performance. This is why the Microsoft Corporate Office is working on bettering the [...]

Malware and the Internal Network Security

Each time some malicious software or malware is evolving in a more sophisticated way. The software and hardware technologies have to adapt by making the efforts to avoid the menaces and attacks to the internal network security. This posting gathers information for the companies to make their IT infrastructure more secure and protected. The malware virus has a big price and impact on the company’s budget due to the related costs. It causes the enterprises to invest more in terms [...]

Do you Want to Get More Clients to Your Website?

There are many ways to get more clients to your website regarding the web marketing strategy. The key here is to make an analysis about the type of client you want to target, in order to address the efforts correctly to make it happen.   Why Are Not All the Clients Ideal for my Strategies? There is a simple analogy to answer this question: If you insist on offering diamonds to whom only thinks literally about how to get more bread to survive, [...]