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Athena. The Malware Virus Created by the CIA

As per the information published by Wikileaks, the Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, has developed the Athena virus one month after the launch of Windows 10. People are still shocked by the ransomware WannaCry, and now the IT experts are finding out other discouraging virus threats news: the CIA malware. As Wikileaks refers to it (the website launched by Julian Assange), the CIA has created a malware to impact Windows 10 OS with the malicious program under [...]

How to Defend from the Wanna Decryptor Virus?

In these days, the topic that people are talking about on the News, websites, IT expert forums, is: The great recent attack caused by the Wanna Decryptor virus. That’s also known as Wannacry or Wcry, which is part of the virus family included in the Ransomware. It encrypts all the user files and asks for money for their ransom. In our previous article titled: The Latest Ransomware Virus. The Wanna Decryptor. We talk about the basic facts of this ransomware virus that is [...]

The Latest Ransomware Virus. The Wanna Decryptor

The Wanna Decryptor has infected thousands of computers worldwide. Among the companies impacted by it are: The German railways, Renault, the British health care system and others. This virus threatens with canceling all the computer data and takes advantages of a protocol defect to manage the file sharing. The virus Wannacry started to mess the computers up on May 12th this year. So far, it has infected 200 thousand computers, in 150 countries, stating that the world is facing a growing [...]

Revealing the Dangers of the Internet

What is behind a computer hacking? In this edition, we are going to provide our readers a detailed explanation of the most common dynamics of the hackers to attack the systems, revealing the dangers of the internet. In the era of the informatics wars, people usually refer to the hacker as someone who enters your computer or telephone without you noticing it because of the internet vulnerability. To make this urban legend grow bigger, it contributes the leaks of the [...]

Types of Malware. The Keylogger

The keylogger, also known as a keystroke logger, saves whatever the users type on their computer keyboard, for then sending that information to the hacker. Due to it, the cyber pirates can rob username and password, financial data and almost anything you type (for instance, the email content). The computer keylogger often comes from a worm virus or trojan. The more evolved network keylogger forms are even able to make a computer screenshot. This cancels the effect of an eventual [...]

How to Get Rid of the Router Virus?

Our PC has become slow, there appear strange messages while surfing online, sometimes there are ad windows that pop up or other websites. If this is your case, then, probably your computer is infected by some kinds of malware. Yet, if these issues are also present on other computers, tablet or smartphone which are connected to the same network, then surely your router modem ADSL is infected by some virus. Next up, discover with us How to Get Rid [...]

The Malicious Browser Helper Objects (BHO)

The Browser Helper Objects (known as BHOs) are additional components of any internet browser, such as tools bar and web plugin. Although, many of such components are useful for the users: For instance, Firefox and Chrome offer the internet users the possibility to integrate the functions of the browser with several helpful plugins. Yet, some of those elements are useless or infected and, thus, are classified as malicious BHO. Sometimes, the BHO is even considered as a subcategory of the adware. [...]

Do you Know How to Avoid the Spyware Virus?

The Spyware Virus consists of all the online programs that gather information about you without your permission and then it is sent to the societies that use it for statistical purposes or advertisement. Maybe you don’t know it but the Google Toolbar also collects information about your online search, yet it is not considered a spyware because prior to the installation it warns and explains to you what they will do with the user data and to who it [...]

Do you Read the Privacy Policy of the Website You Visit?

Your privacy on the Internet is up to you. Since it depends on how much you can control the amount of personal information you provide online, as well as who access it. Every privacy policy must clearly explain which data the website gathers, how it is used, shared, secured and how you can modify or eliminate it. If there is not any privacy policy information, the best thing to do is to avoid continuing surfing such a website. Another [...]

What You Need to Know About Phishing and the Online Security

On the web, the attempts of the hackers to get hold of the user password and credentials are at the order of the day. There are two types of cyber attack in which it is easy for it to happen. The first is called Phishing and, the second one is the malicious virus named Ransomware, currently the most common online attack. The phishing is one of the several online scams, and it involves the companies that carry out e commerce as [...]

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