What Does the Cloud Computing Offer?

What Does the Cloud Computing Offer?

For instance, when uploading an important file you’re using a Cloud Computing Service. It will get to an Internet Server spot wherein is guaranteed the availability, no matter where you are. It’s a known Outsourcing Practice, so common in the Customer Service Area.

IT Outsourcing

Trusting in third parties to overcome the lack of specific resources is a known practice. In the same way, The Cloud is the Solution for the absence of a certain software/hardware, by:

  • Hiring a Server Provider.

That’s why many people referred to the cloud with the definition of:

  • IT Outsourcing.

There are many situations wherein people are supported on the E-Cloud such as:

  • Controlling the emails.
  • Saving online any electronic file.
  • Accessing to the contacts from any device or logging in a favorite website. Just by putting a username and password.

Cloud and Companies

On the other side, in Intelligent System Solutions we have several features that render it more interesting (even for the Enterprise) to use it, with Managed services. For instance:

  • The usage on the local PC of a program. For creating electronic files. Hence, it comes with the manual rescue of the work done to ascertain that in the case of unexpected situations, like:
  1. Hardware malfunctioning.
  2. Electronic network blackout, and so on.

The most recent version of the project will be available.

The usage of a software similar to the cloud enables to focus only on the job. Since the file, in fact, is saved each a few seconds online. So that there won’t be any loss problem because of any unforeseen circumstances.

Advanced Infrastructure

The provider relies on advanced infrastructures and applies specific Operative Methodologies to guarantee the continuity of the work. Such as:

  • Generators and additional refrigeration systems.
  • RAID setting.

On-Demand and Scalable

The major part of the services is available On-Demand and Scalable. Meaning that if the usage needs vary in a certain period of time, it’s enabled the readjustment of the resources and paying the corresponding equivalence of the real use of it.

In the past a wrong estimation may have led to buying oversize resources in comparison with the real necessity, throwing away the precious budget. Nowadays, thanks to the Modern E-Cloud that Intelligent System Solutions displays for you, it’s excluded any of these problems.

Nowadays The Cloud Computing is among the most recurrent arguments in the Technology World. It concedes the private clients and companies the possibility of having resources available provided by third parties (providers) to take advantages of it, based on the price to pay. However, there is still much more to discover about what it has to offer.

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