Learn More About the Web Design Theory

Learn More About the Web Design Theory

Developing a Significant Idea is a crucial step in any Layout Project. But it is a capacity that nearly a few people find the time to understand and appreciate. In this edition, we will guide you through the Web Design Theory to begin creating it.

Why Making a Concept on the Web Design?

When starting any project, it’s advisable to carry it out with a Base Content before initiating with the details. No matter the form itself, it should have a concept within.

Unfortunately, a bunch of designers is focused only on the beautiful forms instead of adding a relevant meaning. Or even worse, a complete website is made based on pre-existing schemes without reflecting on the Original Design. It’s about bringing a Real Meaning to the Business Project.

That is, each element should say something about the scheme where it was conceived. At this point, it is performed with the methodology of:

  • Gathering the Creative Requisites from the Customers about the Web Design in Fort Worth, Dallas, or anywhere they are located. By having enough input data to Understand and Choose the Style or Content Form most suitable to the task.

It starts by Collecting the Reference Images. One of the easiest and simplest ways to find the ideas is:

  • Asking the Clients Some Keywords describing how it should be done for people to perceive their sites. For example:
  1. Energetic, fresh, young, solid, and so on.

By simply inserting these keywords in any Image Search Engines such as Google or Bing. When doing this research, you may get a big Image Collection and Ideas for a Brainstorming to apply on the new scheme.

The Design Begins with a Brainstorming

Do not omit any idea. No matter how strange it might seem. Just sit down in front of the pictures that have been chosen. Then, with the paper and pen (excellent tools in this stage) begin designing the ideas coming to your mind.  It helps for developing and memorizing.

For example:

  • If a client asks for a Fresh Design. Let’s try inserting the word Fresh on Google (or on your favorite search engine) to take a look at the results.

This will give you the hints to interpret the related pics to see many aspects regarding the:

  • Forms, colors, tones and shapes.
  • Styles and components.
  • Spaces and elements, about how the layout should seem.

Do Not Copy the Ideas

It is necessary a whole understanding of the concept:

  • Abstracting it from the place, and adapting it properly to the assigned task.

A previous Research Online may be helpful to:

  • Give an initial conception and,
  • Find the best mode to fit it with the layout.

The Good Conceptions Speak for Itself

1.       Find the Right Inspiration for the Big Ideas

Another source of inspiration is:

  • Trying to stay away from the computer screen.

Many designers, to get inspired, tend to visit other sites containing outstanding projects. It might be a good exercise, as well as, considering all the Requisites and Details of the Elements to create your own Principal Layout Concept.

Often it is better taking a glimpse at other sources out of the screen, such as:

  • Advertising banners.
  • Magazines.
  • TV publicity.

Even though The Standards Ruling the Web Design are diverse from the print design, TV spot, and the architecture patterns. It might be a good inspiration.

The good thing about it is:

  • Opening a Box of Good Original Ideas that can be adjusted to the Business Project. According to the customers’ desires and objectives, for proposing new definitions and ideas.

The trick is:

  • Staying with eyes wide open for Brand-new Conceptions and,
  • Using everything possible as an inspiration source.

Don’t stop looking at other sites on the web. Share your ideas with your designer colleagues and clients, to Get a Feedback.

Before the words on the page or the showy images in motion, that you have made with hard work:

  • People notice at first sight the shell. The concept giving the General Impression of the Website.
  • The Details Are Important. But it can’t be inserted until you already have a relevant project where to put it.


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