Cloud Computing’s Pros and Cons

Cloud Computing’s Pros and Cons

For those companies that don’t have the time or the capacity for Building a Private Cloud, the solution in a box may represent a valid opportunity. But you have to be careful regarding the functions and costs.

The Cloud-in-a-Box

It is an interesting concept that deserves a particular attention from the enterprises. It’s about Modular Products, kind of a Building Block. That is based on a Virtualized Hardware provided with functionalities that are alike a cloud, such as:

  • The arrangement of the resources.
  • The provisioning self-service.
  • Usage monitoring and billing.

The Advantages. The Pros

It assures that many parts of the Cloud Computing Infrastructure, whether it is private or from the software, will be optimized for:

  • Working together and,
  • Providing a unique contact point for the support.

Especially, The Cloud-in-a-Box Solutions allow the Companies to:

  • Add Private Cloud Functionalities Quickly.

The Most Interesting Idea

The idea is the modularity. In fact, the concept itself is interesting mainly because of the optimization that characterizes some product aimed at a specific goal. For instance, The Storage.

Cloud-in-a-Box for the Storage and Optimization

It’s the storage that pushes the Enterprises to adopt it. Actually, it’s an optimal On-Demand Solution. Other usages include:

  • The Development of Applications.
  • A new Data Center.
  • A gradual substitution of the outdated system.

The Real Problem. The Cons

Whilst another essential function of the “Cloud-in-a-Box” is the optimization. The real problem of the Data Center is its insufficiency:

  • If it has 4 or 5 operative systems and tons of applications.

With the cloud-in-a-box it’s possible to get a kind of utility for the enterprise information, with pre-established server settings. It enables to add more capacity when necessary. And mainly for billing those resources based on the usage.

Where is the Trick of the Cloud-in-a-Box?

Some analysts consider that a private cloud “in a box” is not really able to bring all the Requested Cloud Functionalities normally used by the Companies.

Although at the beginning it might seem an enticing idea, it’s needed to analyze with attention all the characteristics offered by the vendor.

The arrangement of all the services is often missing. Meaning that if we put into the cloud:

It lacks the interface that concedes the management of all the objects.

In this sense, it’s helpful The Solutions Given by Intelligent System Solutions to supply a full On-Demand Cloud Computing Service.


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