Are you Worried About the Security of Your Office 365 Data?

Are you Worried About the Security of Your Office 365 Data?

Maybe you have wondered who the owner of the Online Data kept is, or you are Worried About the Security of It. Well, no more need for that! The Customers of Office 365 keep the ownership and control of their info on the net. Microsoft only uses it exclusively to provide the service for which it’s paid a membership. The e-mail is not analyzed for marketing purposes nor the documents. Let’s figure out more about it.

Does the Service Include Privacy Controls?

It is enabled on the predefined settings. The clients may activate or not the features that influence on the privacy, based on specific demands of the Organization.

Microsoft ensures:

  • The Maximum Transparency on the destination of the archived information.
  • The possibility of choosing the geographic area where it shall be kept.

What is The Responsibility of Microsoft About the Availability of the Service?

They offer a contract with financial coverage guaranteeing the 99.9% of the operability. If someone gets an inferior efficiency under the 99.9%, it will be compensated with credits of service.

Is it Possible to Remove the Data off the Service?

All the archived info on The Microsoft Services is the customer’s property, who has all the rights, ownership and interest.

It’s enabled the functionality of downloading a backup copy of it at any time and for any reason.

What are the Microsoft’s New Solutions?

The Companies are particularly cautious when choosing Cloud-Based Applications. Because they care about the safety of their files and documents.

That’s why Microsoft, a Global Leader in the Cloud Security, presents Efficient Solutions. It integrates and improves the safeguard of their services offered. Such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Cloud Application Security. It allows Blocking Non-Authorized Access to the Company’s data. It implements the protection and the policy conformity.
  • Cloud App Encryption. It facilitates the cryptography of the info, which is a pre-requisite nowadays for having a Secured Cloud.
  • Protection for SharePoint and OneDrive. The Cloud App enables to extend the shield to the emails, SharePoint and, OneDrive.

The Settings of the Cloud Apps are simple. Thanks to the straightforward integration with Office 365, without having to redirect the E-mail traffic.

Preserve the Autonomy of the Data on the Emails

The Cloud App Encryption allows the IT Administrators to:

  • Keeping full control on the Company Data.

So they have the Cryptography keys and the charge to decide who can access the files. With this feature, those keys are guarded in a different place in respect to where the information is being kept. And it is not accessible from the Cloud Provider.

Solutions That Are Also Available for Mobile Devices

The alternatives that offer the giant Microsoft may be used on Mobile devices. And it may be integrated directly into Office 365.

In this way, the user’s functions and the capability of management remain unchangeable. It gets rid of the problems and the delays that happen when the e-mail traffic deviates.

So What Are You Waiting for to Start Enjoying all the Microsoft 365 Benefits?

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