Android the Most Popular OS Leader Worldwide

Android the Most Popular OS Leader Worldwide

Android Google has beaten its number 1 competitor: Windows Microsoft for the first time, as the most popular OS (operating system) worldwide regarding the total usage of the internet access on any kind of devices, such as:

  • Desktop, tablet, laptop and, mobile phones.

In March of this current year, Android has generated a total website traffic that represents the 39,37% in comparison with Windows which has the 37,91%. It is the first time that Windows has been dethroned as the main OS to access the Internet.

On the contrary part, in the year of 2012, the statistics gave a completely different situation:

  • Android had generated just the 2,2% of the whole website traffic report.

It means nothing else more than the end of the Microsoft leadership at a global level of the operating system that had been dominated the market since 1980. It also represents an important step for Android who had held just the 2,4% of the global internet usage quota 5 years ago.

Windows is not Anymore the Most Popular OS

As per the updated data of the research firm StatCounter from march 2017, Android has beaten Windows when becoming the most popular operating system among the users that surf the web. With the tendency always aimed at going up towards this direction.

What is the reason for this changing? If some time ago, the Internet was only accessible from a personal PC, and hence, mainly from a web browser which is performed on the Windows platform. Nowadays, accessing the web is also possible through any smartphones and tablets, besides TVs and other devices which are majorly fed by the mobile Google Android platform.

It’s obvious that the primary reason involved in the growing of Android over Windows has been:

  1. The fast diffusion of the smartphones as internet access means and,
  2. A decrease in the traditional PC sales.

As for the iOS platform of Apple Company, its market share has remained steady.

It’s to mention that the outcome data has a consideration to take in mind:

  • The mobile platform, regardless of the type of device on which it has been performed during the research. Hence, as aforementioned, it’s included the desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

On the other hand, if we only consider just the PCs:

  • Windows is still the leader, with a quota of 84%.
  • Windows has won the field on the desktops. But the battlefield is transferred to the mobile in which it will be harder for Windows to make its way.

Yet, the next paradigm could give path to a change to reconquering the domain:

  • This change could be based on creating products that target the substitution of a desktop and smartphone with a single telephone fed by the Microsoft platform.

What are the Percentages in the Other Continents?

In North America, Windows OS (in all its versions) has kept its advantages over all the platforms with a quota of 39,5% (in march, 2017). Followed by iOS with a percentage of 25,7%, and Android with 21,2%.

A similar situation happens in Europe, wherein Windows represents the 51,7%, which is double the quota of Android with 23,6%. However, in Asia, Android OS has a use quota of 52,2% regarding the 29,2% of Windows operating systems.

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